Burkinabe’s Node

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Research Activities

Our research group is part of the Laboratory of Environmental Physics and Chemistry (LPCE), at Joseph KI-ZERBO University in Burkina Faso. The laboratory brings together several teacher-researchers from several disciplines to find solutions adapted to the environmental problems of our developing countries The laboratory develop several areas of research, including the preservation of the environment through the search for solutions for waste treatment, soil remediation and the use of renewable energies such as solar energy and biofuels.
The financial supports from International Science Program (ISP) of Uppsala University and collaboration with colleagues from Lund University, allow our group to carry out research activities on the following themes:

Remote sensing of insects and applications
Monitoring and tracking insect pests is useful for preserving crops and forests. We use optical remote sensing to study the behavior of insect signals. The knowledge of physical processes involved and behavior of insect signals can proper allows detection and identification of small targets in LIDAR methods.

Spectroscopy and optical microscopy
We are implementing a Raman scattering in confocal microscopy and confocal optical imaging microscopy for the characterization of materials.

Study of nanoparticles and their applications
This theme relates to pollution remediation studies of contaminated water and semiconductor films.

Study of phase change materials and their applications
We study phase change materials for storage and return of heat. Controlling heat exchanges improves thermal comfort in buildings

List of Publications

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