Ivorian Node

Chair: Prof. ZOUEU T. Jeremie

Research Activities

Our group has developed different types of optics and photonics technologies, and microscopy modalities with the collaboration of colleagues from Lund University and financial supports from Uppsala ISP and TWAS:

Imaging & Microscopy
Our group is developing imaging microscopy technologies with the potential to tackle tropical diseases like malaria. The multispectral and multimodal microscope is being used for label-free malaria studies and diagnosis, and for tropical plants leaves diseases investigation.
We are also developing methodologies around optical tweezers system for biological cells mechanical properties measurements.
Super resolution and holography technologies are also being developed and applied to malaria species differentiation, and biological species examination.

Optical Spectroscopy
The technical development of Reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy is proposed for improving agriculture crops and diagnostic tools for plant stress investigating. Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging is being developed and utilized for dense solution where Beer-Lambert Law fails.

Remote Sensing
A SCHEIMPFLUG lidar system was developed to investigate aero fauna and is applied to vector-based disease control.

List of Publications

Articles for the year 2020

  1. Unstained blood smear contrast enhancement using spectral time multiplexing super resolution
    M.-F.A. Yebouet, A.K. Diby, K.A. Kaduki and J.T. Zoueu, , J. Spectral Imaging 9, a1 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1255/jsi.2020.a1
  2. Dense solutions’ extinction coefficients measurements strategy, based on laser sheet double structuring, Measurement, Thomas Koffi
    Jocelyne Bosson, Abaka Kouacou, Guy-Oscar Regnima, Sylvère Dion, Mensah Edoé, Olivier Bagui, Jérémie Zoueu, (2020) Volume 150, 2020, 107089, ISSN 0263-2241

Articles for the year 2019

  1. Multi-height phase recovery combined with Fast Iterative Shrinkage-Thresholding Algorithm to handle phase microspheres from complex diffracted field in inline holography
    Yao Koffi, Jocelyne M. Bosson, Marius Ipo Gnetto, Edoe F. Mensah & Jeremie T. Zoueu (2019), Journal of Modern Optics, DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2019.1663953
  2. Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cell Analysis through Optical and Biochemical Parameters Using the Transport of Intensity Equation and the Microscope’s Optical Properties
    Agnero, M.A.; Konan, K.; Tokou, Z.G.C.S.; Kossonou, Y.T.A.; Dion, B.S.; Kaduki, K.A.; Zoueu, J.T. (2019), Sensors 2019, 19, 3045.
  3. Modèle Binaire Local multispectral pour le diagnostic du paludisme sans coloration
    Yao Taky Alvar Kossonou, Alain Clément, Bouchta Sahraoui, Zoueu Jérémie, (2019), CNRIUT’2019 – Congrès National de la Recherche des IUT, 2019, Toulon, France. ⟨hal-02116192⟩
  4. Continuous flow synthesis of a pharmaceutical intermediate: a computational fluid dynamics approach
    Armstrong, Cailean Q. Pritchard, Daniel W. Cook , Mariam Ibrahim, Bimbisar K. Desa, Patrick J. Whitham c, Brian J. Marquardt c, Yizheng Chen a, Jeremie T. Zoueu, Michael J. Bortner and Thomas D. Roper (2019), Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 4(3), 634-642.
  5. Nouvel outil de mesure non destructive de la qualité des mangues par télédétection
    ASSOI, E. K., DIBI, W., KOUAKOU, A. K., KOUAKOU, B. K., KOFFI, T., & ZOUEU, J. T. (2019), Afrique SCIENCE, 15(2), 106-116.
  6. Étude de l’effet de composés antipaludiques sur Plasmodium falciparum par imagerie multispectrale
    YAPO, Y. M., BOSSON, J. M., BAGUI, K. O., SILUE, K., & ZOUEU, J. T. (2019), Afrique SCIENCE, 15(2), 133-141

Articles for the year 2018

  1. A New Method to Retrieve the Three-Dimensional Refractive Index and Specimen Size Using the Transport Intensity Equation, Taking Diffraction into Account Agnero
    M., Konan, K., Kossonou, A., Bagui, O., & Zoueu, J. (2018), Applied Sciences, 8(9), 1649.
  2. New Detector Sensitivity Calibration and the Calculation of the Interaction Force between Particles Using an Optical Tweezer
    Yale, P., Konin, J. M., Kouacou, M., & Zoueu, J. (2018), Micromachines, 9(9), 425.
  3. Crystal structure of 2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yl 4-fluorobenzoate
    Abou, A., Yoda, J., Djandé, A., Coussan, S., & Zoueu, T. J. (2018), Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 74(5), 761-765.
  4. Monitoring power transformers oils deterioration using structured laser illumination planar imaging
    Regnima, G. O., Betié, A., Koffi, T., Bagui, O. K., Fofana, I., Kouacou, A., & Zoueu, J. (2018), Measurement, 113, 38-45.

Articles for the year 2017

  1. Use of Fluorescence and Reflectance Spectra for Predicting Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) Yield and Macronutrient Contents of Leaves
    Dibi, W. G., Bosson, J., Zobi, I. C., Tié, B. T., & Zoueu, J. T. (2017), Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(10), 537.
  2. Structured Imagery Processing Strategies for Spectroscopic Measurement in Dense Solutions
    Koffi, T., Regnima, G. O., Bosson, J., Bagui, O., Edoé, M., & Zoueu, J. T. (2017), Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(06), 262.
  3. Quantitative measurements of turbid liquids via structured laser illumination planar imaging where absorption spectrophotometry fails
    Regnima, G. O., Koffi, T., Bagui, O., Kouacou, A., Kristensson, E., Zoueu, J., & Berrocal, E. (2017), Applied optics, 56(13), 3929-3938.
  4. Multi-Spectral and Fluorescence Imaging in Prevention of Overdose of Herbicides: The Case of Maize
    Kouakou, A. K., Soro, A. P., Taky, A. K., & Zoueu, J. T. (2017).
  5. Dynamics study of the deformation of red blood cell by optical tweezers
    Michel, K. E. J., Pavel, Y., Eugene, M., Kouacou, M. A., & Zoueu, J. T. (2017, Open J. Biophys, 7, 59.

Articles for the year 2016

  1. Cucumber mosaic virus detection by artificial neural network using multispectral and multimodal imagery
    Kouakou, A. K., Bagui, O. K., Agneroh, T. A., Soro, A. P., & Zoueu, J. T. (2016), Optik, 127(23), 11250-11257.
  2. Crystal structure of 3-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-methylsulfanyl-6-nitro-3H-benzimidazol-1-ium chloride monohydrate
    Abou, A., Coulibali, S., Kakou-Yao, R., Zoueu, T. J., & Tenon, A. J. (2016), Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 72(9), 1356-1359.
  3. Characterization of a Multimodal and Multispectral Led Imager: Application to Organic Polymer’s Microspheres with Diameter Φ= 10.2 μm
    Agnero, M. A., Zoueu, J. T., & Konan, K. (2016), Optics and Photonics Journal, 6(07), 171.
  4. Fluorescence and Reflectance Spectroscopy for Early Detection of Different Mycorrhized Plantain Plants
    Dibi, W. G., Fotso, B., Brou, C. Y., Zoueu, J. T., Zeze, A., & Bosson, J. (2016), Applied Physics Letters, 8, 17-31.
  5. Structured laser illumination planar imaging based classification of ground coffee using multivariate chemometric analysis
    Bagui, O. K., Kaduki, K. A., Berrocal, E., & Zoueu, J. T. (2016), Applied Physics Research, 8(3).
  6. Desorption of Te capping layer from ZnTe (100): Auger spectroscopy, low-energy electron diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy
    Sossoe, K. K., Dzagli, M. M., Sylla, A., Grandidier, B., Mohou, M. A., Zoueu, T. J., & Toure, S. (2016), Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 8(1), 73-82.

Articles for the year 2015

  1. Identification of bacterial diseases in rice plants leaves by the use of spectroscopic imaging
    Sangare, M., Tekete, C., Bagui, O. K., Ba, A., & Zoueu, J. T. (2015), Applied Physics Research, 7(6), 61.
  2. Classification of African Mosaic Virus Infected Cassava Leaves by the Use of Multi-Spectral Imaging
    Sangare, M., Agneroh, T. A., Bagui, O. K., Traore, I., Ba, A., & Zoueu, J. T. (2015), Optics and Photonics Journal, 5(08), 261.
  3. Segmentation par logique floue pour l’estimation du nombre de globules rouges dans des images multi-spectrales de frottis sanguin non marqué
    Bagui, O. K., Zoueu, J. T., & Megnassan, E. (2015), Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie, 11(3), 27-36.
  4. Automatic malaria diagnosis by the use of multispectral contrast imaging
    Bagui, O. K., Zoueu, J. T., & Wählby, C. (2015), Physical Chemical News 75, 86-98
  5. Discrimination de différentes sous phénotypes du Ralstonia Solanacearum dans une feuille de tabac par imagerie multi-spectrale
    INP-HB de Yamoussoukro, F. H. B. I. (2015), Afrique Science, 11(4), 95-103.

Articles for the year 2014

  1. Red blood cells counting by circular hough transform using multispectral images
    Bagui, O. K., & Zoueu, J. T. (2014), Journal of Applied Sciences, 14(24), 3591-3594.
  2. Etude de l’effet de l’amodiaquine sur les globules rouges infectés par le paludisme dans les images multispectrales
    Bagui, O. K., Yavo, W., Tano, D., & Zoueu, J. T. (2014), Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie, 10(4), 36-44.

Articles for the year 2013

  1. Staining- free malaria diagnostics by multispectral and multimodality light-emitting-diode microscopy
    Merdasa, Aboma; Brydegaard, Mikkel; Svanberg, Sune; Zoueu, Jérémie T. (2013), Journal of biomedical optics, 18, (3), 036002: SPIE

Articles for the year 2012

  1. Combining kriging, multispectral and multimodal microscopy to resolve malaria‐infected erythrocyte contents
    DABO‐NIANG, S., & Zoueu, J. T. (2012), Journal of microscopy, 247(3), 240-251.
  2. Trophozoite stage infected erythrocyte contents analysis by use of spectral imaging LED microscope
    Zoueu, J. T., & Zan, S. G. T. (2012), Journal of microscopy, 245(1), 90-99.

Articles for the year 2011

  1. Resonance Raman imaging and hierarchical clustering analysis applied to malaria-infected erythrocytes under hydroartemisinin and chloroquine derivatives
    Zan, S. G. T., Zoueu, J. T., Bonifacio, A., & Sergo, V. (2011), Physical Chemical News, PCN, Vol 61, 2011

Articles for the year 2010

  1. Fast segmentation of color images by 3d compact histogram analysis integrating a fuzzy neighborhood model, and a second approach by color re-quantification
    S. Ouattara and J. T. Zoueu (2010), Physical and Chemical News, Vol. 54 pp. 38-46

Articles for the year 2009

  1. Spectroscopic approach of multispectral imaging of plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes
    Zoueu, J. T., Ouattara, S., Toure, A., Safi, S., & Zan, S. T. (2009), In 2009 3rd ICTON Mediterranean Winter Conference (ICTON-MW) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.

Articles for the year 2008

  1. Experimental observation of magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) signals of silvers clusters embedded in neon matrix in ag3 size range
    J. T. Zoueu, K. Konan, M. A. Kouacou and E. Farhi (2008), Physical and Chemical News, Vol. 43, pp. 52-57.
  2. Onset of itinerant ferromagnetism associated with semiconductor-metal transition in Ti x Nb 1− x CoSn half Heusler solid solution compounds
    Kouacou, M. A., Koua, A. A., Zoueu, J. T., Konan, K., & Pierre, J. (2008), Pramana, 71(1), 157-166.
  3. Robust feedback linearization and observation approach for control of an induction motor
    Asseu, O., Koffi, M., Yeo, Z., Lin-Shi, X., Kouacou, M. A., & Zoueu, T. J. (2008), Asian J. Applied Sci, 1, 59-69.
  4. Optical microscope based on multispectral imaging applied to Plasmodium diagnosis
    Zoueu, T. J., Loum, G. L., Haba, C. T., Mikkel, B., & Menan, H. (2008), J Appl Sci, 8, 2711-2717.
  5. Use of a Component with Fractional Impedance in the Realization of an Analogical Regulator of Order Â1⁄2
    Cisse Haba, Georges L. Loum, Jérémie T. Zoueu and G. Ablart (2008), Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (1): 59-67.

Articles for the year 2007

  1. All-optical induction of noncentrosymmetry in dyed plastic materials
    Zoueu, J. T., Nunzi, J. M., & Charra, F. (2007), Optical Materials, 29(5), 468-470.
  2. Structural and morphological analysis of CuInSe2 thin films prepared by vacuum free CSVT for photovoltaic cells
    Konan, K., Saraka, J. K., Zoueu, J. T., & Gbaha, P. (2007), Journal of Applied Sciences, 7, 478-483.

Articles for the year 2006

  1. Transient second-harmonic generation in a cyanine liquid dye solution
    Zoueu, J. T., Fiorini-Debuisschert, C., Charra, F., & Nunzi, J. M. (2006).. Chemical physics letters, 419(4-6), 454-457.

Articles for the year 2005

  1. Magneto-optical studies of silver atoms in neon matrices
    Zoueu, J. T., Vala, M., & Rivoal, J. C. (2005), Chemical physics, 312(1-3), 89-96.
  2. Photoinduced non centrosymmetry in organic polymer This paper appears in material Transparent Optical Networks
    Zoueu, J. T.,(2005), 2005, IEEE Proceedings of 2005 7th International Conference, Publication Date: 3-7 July 2005, Volume: 2, On page(s): 261- 264 Vol. 2
  3. Trapping of laser-vaporized silver clusters in rare-gas matrices: Magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) studies of silver clusters in neon and argon matrix
    J. T. Zoueu, E. Farhi and J.C. Rivoal (2005), , African Journal of Mathematical Physics Vol 2 N°1 125-136

Articles for the year 2004

  1. Third-order nonlinear optical properties in new thiophene-based extended p-conjugated systems
    Fuks-Janczarek, I. Migalska-Zalas, A. Dabos-Seignon, S. Sahraoui, B. Zoueu, T. J. Kityk, I. V. Roncali, J. Martineau, C. (2004), Nonlinear Optics & Quantum Optics, 31, (1-4),

Articles for the year 1994

  1. Magnetic Circular and linear dichroism saturation studies: Determination of the “crystal field” splitting in krypton and xenon matrix-isolated iron atoms
    J.C. Rivoal, J. Zoueu, X. Blanchard, R. Nahoum, M. Eyring, M. Pyka and M. Vala, J., , (1994), JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, VOL 101; NUMBER 4, pages 2684