Togolese Node

Chair: Dr DZAGLI Milohum Mikesokpo, Associate Professor

Research Activities:

Our group has acquired tools and techniques in optics and Photonics with the financial supports from ISESCO and TWAS. Our research is devoted to studies of samples in the agriculture (food quality) of medicinal plants and its uses, microscopy studies for molecular detection in order to be applied in diagnosis of infectious diseases such as malaria, etc., atmospheric and environmental monitoring in industrial zones and towns by different available techniques and nanotechnology applications.

Imaging & Microscopy
Our group is working in imaging microscopy to develop a potential multiphoton microscopy technique for detecting specific UV-visible frequency sum signals of optically active materials exhibiting second-order non-linear effects. This microscope will be used to:

  • both fast and deep imaging in living organisms;
  • exploit the non-linear properties of certain molecules to identify and image them from therapeutic solutions based on medicinal plants;
  • image biological media such as blood and skin for the detection of infected red blood cells in the early diagnosis of malaria;
  • Characterize wastewater to detect different pollutants and their concentrations,

Theoretical methods and models based on the optical properties of certain target molecules and the influence of physicochemical parameters of the environment on these properties will be used to investigate the nonlinear properties of media.

Optical Spectroscopy
The technical development of Reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy is proposed for improving agriculture crops and diagnostic tools for plant stress investigating.
UV-Vis and Raman spectroscopy technique is proposed for food and beverage analysis to detect pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other unwanted chemicals present in these products

Nanotechnology, Bio sensing and biomedical applications
Our group is using spectroscopic techniques to perform antimicrobial essays of nanoformulations based on zinc oxide nanoparticles with phyto-compounds extracted from medicinal plants for malaria treatment and for destructive larvae of plants and animal pests;

Remote Sensing
Our group is working in environmental and atmospheric monitoring in industrial zones and towns by different techniques in collaboration with colleagues from UBB Cluj Napoca, Romania. It consists of investigation on pollutants gases, heavy metal in soil, groundwater, leaves and in the atmosphere.

Materials and solar energy
Our group is working in studies of properties of materials (thin films, etc.) as optical, magnetic and electrical and its applications. Theoretical methods and models are used for optical, structural and compositional analysis for new material for applications in energy saving and solar energy. This is Possible in collaboration with IEMN Lille, France.

List of Publications

  1. Influence of doping level and surface states in tunneling spectroscopy of an In0.53Ga0.47As quantum well grown on p-type doped InP(001)
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  2. Description and Comparison of Aerosol Properties over Cluj-Napoca – Romania and Koforidua – Ghana, Using Aeronet Network Data
    Mignanou Yawovi AMOUZOUVI, Milohum Mikesokpo DZAGLI, Horaţiu ŞTEFӐNIE, Carmen Andreea ROBA, Alexandru MEREUŢӐ, Alexandru OZUNU, Sharon SAPPOR, (2019), STUDIA UBB AMBIENTUM, LXIV (1), 5-17
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  4. Contribution of the Satellite Observation on the Analysis and the Forecast of the State of Air Pollution in TOGO
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