AFSIN Activities in 2016

Give an overall description of research activities carried out in 2016.

During the workshop organized in M’Bour (Senegal), from 18th to 27th November 2015, on Optical Signal Processing Applied to Spectral Imaging, we have designed and constructed a new version of a versatile optical microscope, with an emphasis on multispectral and multimodal modalities. This version uses coherent and monochromatic illuminations and is fully automated. The participants were trained on this instrument and on optical signal processing with an emphasis on imaging systems. During the year 2016 the nodes have upgraded and used this new system for various application ranging from agriculture, environment and biomedical applications. In addition, a new remote sensing system was built in Yamoussoukro to assess the mosquito’s activities and forecast, against the background of the effort for mitigation the ravages of malaria.


Give the main research results in 2016.

  • Progress in the optical system improvement for malaria diagnosis by exploring various configurations;
  • Progress in the optical system improvement for plant leaves diseases earlier detection;
  • Improvement of the detection and data analysis of the remote sensing system for mosquito’s activities studies and forecast;
  • Capacity building in terms of optical instrumentation.